MSRNT Dog Rescue - Benji (Dallas-ElPaso) and Blitz (Abilene-Dallas)

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Benji's family drove all the way from Phoenix to El Paso to pick him up. I flew him from Dallas to El Paso. This family had lost Benji in the process of moving from Dallas to Phoenix. They searched all over for him, and when MSRNT rescued him from a shelter, about to be put down, they found him on PetFinder. This was a joyous reunion.
Benji was a little cold since we were flying at 10,500 feet altitude to clear the mountains east of El Paso
Finally got enough heat that he didn't need the towel anymore and fell asleep
The mountains east of El Paso, seen through the front windshield from 10,500 feet altitude
Mountains out the side window
On the way back, I landed in Abilene and picked up Blitz, who had been rescued from a shelter there, and brought him back to Dallas to enter the MSRNT program.
Blitz desperately needs a haircut! These were the first 2 dogs I allowed to ride in the front seat without a crate. Based on how nervous they were, I believe I am going to start using the crate again. I just don't think they like the sensations of flight sitting exposed in the front seat like that.

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