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AnywhereMap ATC newly installed December 2009. The ATC has even higher screen resolution than the iPaq, but is oriented horizontally, so it will no longer obstruct my view of the GX-60 CDI just above the yoke
Closeup of AnywhereMap ATC, mounted directly to the face of the yoke with a ProClip adjustable ball mount
1-Second Generation WXWorx Receiver.JPG
Second Generation WXWorx weather receiver also captures XM radio (audio) and feeds it to my intercom with a small cable. The communication between this receiver and the ATC on the yoke is Bluetooth.
1-The GPS and XM external antennas.jpg
External antennas mounted with velcro to the glareshield. XM radio antenna on the left, GPS external antenna on the right. The ATC will function without an external antenna, but with occasional loss of satellite signal.
Closeup of swivel ball on ProClip yoke mount for the iPaq 4705. Notice the yoke has 4 holes drilled and tapped in a standard AMPS hole pattern, so that it can support a variety of different mounting mechanisms.

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