Some of the beautiful girls I have worked with over the years

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Kimberly Jones is the host of Bird's Eye View of the Gulf Coast - West, from
Heatherliane 1.JPG
Heatherliane worked with me as the host of the aerial travel adventure video Bird's Eye View of the Desert Southwest from
Jessica Jones.jpg
Jessica Jones was the spokesmodel at the booth at the Dayton Hamvention in 2004
Kimberly Casarez 1.jpg
Kimberly Casarez posed for Sweaty Thighs Cigars as 'Maria the Cuban Virgin', rolling cigars by hand
Kimberly Casarez 2.jpg
Too bad Sweaty Thighs Cigars didn't make it. Kimberly would have made a great spokesmodel
Lisa Padilla.jpg
Lisa Padilla, aka 'Highway Mama', looks great in a stetson, doesn't she? Wow!
Mig or Tig.jpg
Michelle Renee tries to decide whether to use MIG or TIG for this next welding job
Stephanie Holt 1.JPG
I hired Stephanie Holt for her legs. I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like hers. But feel free to judge for yourself.
Stephanie Holt 2.JPG
Stephanie Holt 2.JPG
Stephanie Holt 9 Baton De Rouge.jpg
Stephanie has nice lips too. This charcoal sketch is titled 'Baton de Rouge'
Tracy Spaulding.jpg
Tracy Spaulding ('Stormy Nights', 'Striking Point') did a video shoot for me back in the 90's

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