Star Wars - Ronald Reagan's Pipe Dream?

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This (highly) modified NKC-135A was our secret laboratory at Kirtland AFB in 1976. These photos were taken when it was parked at the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton Ohio
My first job out of college was software development for the University of Dayton Research Institute, writing software for the Airborne Laser Laboratory
Trust me, you do not want to be in the sights of the beam that fires through this turret. There's a lens spinning behind the cover, and a concave mirror behind that, all kinds of tracking lasers, and enough energy to bring down a missile from x miles away!
I had to bite my tongue in the 70's and 80's when leading scientists would come out and proclaim the Star Wars program to be infeasible.
You can't hit a missile with a laser from a moving aircraft, they would say. We'd just go up and fry another missile and laugh.
We had some of the coolest kilowatt lasers in our labs on the ground (and in lead-lined underground labs), but nothing as cool as the highly classified laser cannon onboard this airplane!
When we were flying this weapon, nobody knew the name Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates was just some kid getting in trouble with the cops in his Porsche on the streets of Albuquerque
The Global Ballistic Missile Defense System is often blamed on Ronald Reagan and called Star Wars. Let's see, who was President in 1976?
We had the coolest logo. Peace Through Light! Hahahah!!! LMAO! That's like a nuclear warhead with a logo that says Peace through Metallurgy! We might have had a nice Star Wars theme, but George Lucas had not dreamed up his saga yet

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