What is inside the mysterious CoStar P-1 CO2 Detector?

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The CoStar P-1 CO2 detector resists analysis using tamperproof screws. But channel locks and a hammer trump injection molded plastic any day. This device is basically like the EYE type of CO2 detector, with an electric eye watching to see when the disk turns dark. After a few years, the whole thing has to be thrown away because the sensor material degrades.
Inside is a circuit board and a patented sensor. A piece of felt-like filter material covers the air intake that looks like a speaker grille. The two medicine tablet-sized disks are placed inside an infrared electric eye that detects changes in their color. This is the part of the carbon monoxide detector that is worn out within 5 years. Mine started beeping uncontrollably outside the range of the normal beep pattern after 4 years

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